BOM Analysis

Having us check over your Bill of Material will ensure that your new product will be able to be built for years to come.

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DFx Analysis

We have invested heavily in Mentor Graphic’s Valor NPI Design for Manufacturing software so you wouldn’t have to.

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Quick turn

Quick Turnaround

Whether you are supplying the kit or we are purchasing all of the material ourselves, we have the resources in place to get completed units to you when you need them.

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Quality Assurance

We use the latest technology available to ensure your product works right out of the box.

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Engineer’s Resource

There are hundreds of things that need to come together in order to launch your product. NPI-Plus can streamline it for you.

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Ramp to Production

Our parent company Universal Electronics, Inc has been in the EMS industry for over 35 years now and can handle orders of all sizes.

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