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NPI TeamSelecting an electronics contract manufacturer is different than selecting most other vendors. The stakes are high simply because the selection of one touches so many different parts of your business. It is important that the selection fits well with the way you do business and that it integrates seamlessly with your operations.

Our promise of being "Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction" carries a commitment to excellence along with an understanding that your business is as important as ours. This commitment stems not only from decades of experience in electronics manufacturing, but in understanding your needs. Universal Electronics, Inc. has the necessary infrastructure, staff and knowledge to make your project with us rewarding and successful.

Our talented staff is able to accomplish these very important goals by recognizing that each of our customers has different needs and objectives. We understand in order for you to be successful, effective communication is the essential requirement.

Universal Electronics, Inc. provides this crucial link to your company through flexibility, support and service that has been proven the best in our industry. This philosophy is backed up by a thorough quality program and several government and industry recognized manufacturing certifications.

The depth of our commitment to your needs is more than just window dressing, it is a way of life at Universal Electronics, Inc. that fulfills our mission of being "Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction."

Rick Jensen
Executive Vice President

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